Linux 3d support for virtual workstations

I have a server running horizon view and 2 K2 cards installed. My question is whether Redhat Linux is supported for vGPU yet. I remember last year linux was not supported as a guest os in a vm if you want 3d support from shared vGPU.


RHEL has been supported in Horizon VIEW since they introduced Linux support along with passthrough GPU support.

vGPU for Linux is a feature of GRID 2.0 and is available in the Workstation and Workstation Extended Editions.

How about Ubuntu and CentOS for 3D applications?

Both are also on the VMware supported list.

XenDesktop now also runs for Linux VDI workstation VMs. There are drivers for Linux workstations for the K1, K2 and M6 and M60 GPU units. See for access to the downloads.

"GRID VIRTUAL GPU FOR CITRIX XENSERVER Version 352.46, 354.13/RN-06927-001/September 21st, 2015": GRID vGPU with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 / CentOS 7 guest VMs is supported on Tesla M60 and M6, as a technical preview feature on Citrix XenServer 6.5.

Please note that although Citrix provides support for Linux & GPU’s in XenServer, XenDesktop currently only officially supports 2D desktops.

This is due to Citrix needing to undertake further development work to take full advantage of the GRID SDK in the Linux VM’s.

Whilst you can provide a GPU accelerated desktop via the current release of the Linux VDA the level of support is currently limited and user experience may not be comparable to 3D workloads on XenDesktop on Windows.

Ask NVidia to add support for K1/K2 shared vGPU.


Done! :-)