linux msi gtx570

Hello, This gpu have serious problem in linux

-Loud fans + they turn faster … like 3 time more than windows in idle…
-Every game overheat the gpu
-i have a Stable degree in idle (40/45°) as windows
i cleaned up + new thermal and still doing it.

Everything work fine in windows…

i don’t know if this is the good forum, but this issuess ruin my experiencess since 1years now.

Linux game degree comparaison vs windows

Game=>Linux=>Windows :

Gone home 100° 59°
DOta2 68° 57°
Team fortresss 79° 57°
Serious sam 3 95° 60°

This problem happen in 313.30, 319.12, 319.32, 319.49, 325.15 …

Please attach nvidia bug report by running script as root user. How long you are playing games? How did you compared Linux and Windows, I mean are these readings at same map, location and stage in game?