Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 310.19 (long-lived branch release)

The 310 series replaces the 304 series as the current long lived branch. This branch supports GeForce 8 series and higher graphics products.

The 304 series, which was the previous long-lived branch, is now a legacy branch which supports GeForce 6 and 7 series GPUs. GeForce FX GPUs are supported through the 173.14.xx NVIDIA legacy graphics drivers.

Release highlights since 310.14:

  • Added support for configuring stereo in nvidia-settings when stereo is enabled in the X configuration file.
  • Added support for configuring the ViewPortIn and ViewPortOut for display devices in nvidia-settings.
  • Fixed metamode bookkeeping when modifying the display configuration in the "X Server Display Configuration" page of nvidia-settings.
  • Added support for configuring rotation and reflection per display device in nvidia-settings.

Additional changes incorporated from the 304 driver series:

  • Added a new X configuration option, "UseHotplugEvents", to allow the suppression of RandR events when adding or removing non-DisplayPort displays. See the "X Config Options" appendix of the README for details.
  • Added a missing 32-bit compatibility library for to the 64-bit Linux installer package.
  • Fixed a regression in backlight control functionality on some notebook configurations.
  • Fixed a performance issue with recent Linux kernels when allocating and freeing system memory.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the display device / X screen selection menu from being displayed in nvidia-settings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented X driver gamma manipulation from working after a VT-switch on some configurations.
  • Added the option "--output-file" to to allow specifying a custom filename for the log file.
  • Fixed a hang when using OpenGL programs with some SLI Mosaic configurations on pre-Fermi GPUs.
  • Added sections to the "Supported NVIDIA GPU Products" list for NVS, Tesla, and VGX products.
  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • VGX K1
    • VGX K2
    • Tesla K20c
    • Tesla K20m
  • Fixed a bug that caused the EIZO FlexScan SX2762W monitor to remain blank when connected via DisplayPort.
  • Updated nvidia-settings to save and restore per-monitor color correction settings when RandR 1.2 or later is available.
  • Fixed a bug that caused too many display devices to appear in the X Screen page of nvidia-settings when SLI is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused applications to stop rendering or the X server to hang in Xinerama configurations when windows were moved, resized, mapped, or unmapped.
  • Fixed a bug in nvidia-settings that made it report the status of ECC configuration incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if a display was put intoDPMS off mode and subsequently reenabled while screen transformations are in use.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the X Resize and Rotate extension to be enabled when Xinerama is enabled. These two X extensions are incompatible and having them both enabled can confuse window managers such as KDE's kwin. RandR is now correctly disabled when Xinerama is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug causing OpenGL stereo applications to not work properly when using passive stereo modes 5 through 9 on Quadro Fermi and newer GPUs.
  • Updated nvidia-settings to report Dedicated GPU Memory (i.e., the memory dedicated exclusively to the GPU) and Total GPU Memory (i.e., Dedicated GPU Memory plus any TurboCache(TM)-accessible system memory) separately on the GPU information page.
  • Added reporting of the current utilization of Dedicated GPU Memory to the GPU information page of nvidia-settings.

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