Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 361.16 (beta)

Release highlights since 358.16:

  • The OpenGL Vendor-Neutral Driver (GLVND) infrastructure is now included and supported by the NVIDIA GLX and OpenGL drivers. This should not cause any visible changes in behavior for end users, but some internal driver component libraries have been renamed and/or moved as a result. These changes may affect scripts that rely on the presence of NVIDIA OpenGL driver components other than those specified in the Linux OpenGL ABI version 1.0, maintainers of alternative NVIDIA driver installation packages, and applications which rely on the presence of any non- OpenGL/GLX symbols in the library and its dependencies in any way.

    Please see:

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    For more information on the GLVND project.

    The Linux OpenGL ABI version 1.0 specification is available at:

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  • Updated nvidia-installer to run ldconfig(8) and depmod(8) after uninstalling an existing driver, instead of only running these two commands when installing a new driver.
  • Removed the VDPAU wrapper and trace libraries and from the driver package. These libraries may be available via your distribution's package management system, or can be compiled from the sources available at:
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    Please see

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    for more information.

  • Fixed a bug in the EGL driver where a mutex was unlocked more than once. This triggers undefined behavior, and in particular, if lock elision is enabled in glibc, may result in a segmentation fault.

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