Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 415.13

Release highlights since 410.73:

    * Improved error reporting in eglSwapBuffers() by generating codes for some missing error types, and adding additional detail to the already existing ones.
    • Improved the appearance and functionality of the nvidia-settings
      control panel when it is resized to small sizes.

    • Updated the nvidia-settings control panel to prevent some icons from
      being displayed incorrectly while using some GTK+ themes.

    • Fixed a bug that could cause WINE to crash on recent OS releases.

    • Fixed a bug that could cause an X server crash when exiting Vulkan
      applications running on X servers with UBB enabled.

    • Fixed an X driver bug that caused the “NoEdidModes” token of the
      “ModeValidation” X configuration option to reject non-EDID modes
      whose timings matched EDID modes.

    • Changed the NvEncCreateBitstreamBuffer API call in the NvEncodeAPI
      library to return NV_ENC_ERR_UNIMPLEMENTED instead of NV_ENC_SUCCESS when
      the encoder instance is configured to run in motion estimation-only mode.
      As an indirect consequence of this change, users running the AppEncME
      sample application from the Video Codec SDK prior to SDK version 8.2.16
      will observe a segmentation fault due to bugs in the NvEncoder class. It
      is recommended that users download the latest version of the SDK, where
      these bugs have been fixed, from

    • Fixed an OpenGL driver bug that caused the upper bounds of
      floating-point viewports, specified through the ARB_viewport_array
      extension, to be clipped incorrectly.

    • Added a new X configuration option “HardDPMS” which
      is disabled by default, but can be enabled to put displays to sleep with
      modesets rather than VESA DPMS. This may fix some displays that fail to
      sleep when DPMS becomes active. “HardDPMS” will be enabled by default in a
      future release.

    • Raised the minimum supported X.Org xserver version to 1.5 (video driver
      ABI version 4).

    • Enabled the NVreg_EnableBacklightHandler kernel module option by default.

    • Removed the LinuxThreads version of the /usr/lib/ library
      and replaced it with the NPTL one that was previously installed in
      /usr/lib/tls/. This fixes crashes on Debian systems when the
      /etc/ file is present.

    • Updated nvidia-installer to allow the --no-cc-version-check option to
      disable the compiler version check when installing with DKMS.

    • Changed the minimum required Linux kernel version from 2.6.9 to 2.6.32.

    • Fixed an OpenGL bug where conditional rendering (NV_conditional_render)
      was incorrectly affecting mipmap generation.

    • Fixed a bug that could cause the X server to hang on systems booted in
      legacy VGA mode when using a DisplayPort Multi-Stream link.

    • Added support for the following GPUs:

      • Quadro RTX 4000
      • Tesla T4
    • Added a new hook script, “pre-unload”, to the nvidia-installer hook
      script system. This script, if present, will be executed before
      nvidia-installer attempts to unload existing NVIDIA kernel modules.

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