Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 455.23.04 [beta]

Release highlights since 450.66:

  • Added support for the following GPUs:

    • GeForce RTX 3080
    • GeForce RTX 3090
    • DGX Display
    • GeForce MX450
  • Fixed a bug that prevented 8K displays from being used in portrait orientation on Pascal and earlier GPUs.

  • Fixed a bug which caused excessive CPU usage in Vulkan applications which create a large number of VkFence objects. This was particularly prevalent in the Steam Play title Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Added support for a new device-local VkMemoryType which is host-coherent and host-visible. This may result in improved performance in some applications. Applications which are known to benefit from this new VkMemoryType include: DXVK Title DiRT Rally 2.0, Steam Play Title DOOM: Eternal, and DXVK title World of Warcraft.

  • Fixed a bug that caused WebKit-based applications to crash when running on Wayland.

  • Fixed a bug that led to display corruption at some resolutions when using an NVIDIA-driven display as a PRIME Display Offload sink.

  • Fixed a bug in a SPIR-V optimization that may cause conditional blocks to not execute.

  • Fixed a bug where calls to vkGetRandROutputDisplayEXT with unexpected inputs would generate X11 protocol errors. (

  • Fixed a small memory leak during exit of the NVIDIA EGL driver.

  • Implemented support for the NVIDIA NGX Updater. See the “NGX” chapter in the README for information on how to configure this feature.

  • Removed support for the SLI modes “SFR”, “AFR”, and “AA”. SLI Mosaic, Base Mosaic, GL_NV_gpu_multicast, and GLX_NV_multigpu_context are still supported.

  • Updated Base Mosaic support on GeForce to allow a maximum of five simultaneous displays, rather than three.

  • Fixed several synchronization bugs that could momentarily lock up the X server when moving/resizing/focusing OpenGL and Vulkan windows when PRIME Sync was enabled.

  • Added NVIDIA VDPAU driver support for decoding VP9 10- and 12-bit bitstreams. Note that VDPAU’s presentation pipeline and OpenGL-VDPAU interop does not support 10- and 12-bit video surfaces yet. See the “VDPAU Support” appendix in the README for supported decoder profiles.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause dual-link DVI to be driven over a connector that only supports single-link DVI, when “NoMaxPClkCheck” is specified in the “ModeValidation” X configuration option. Note this fix may cause behavioral changes for configurations using this option.

  • Fixed a regression that allowed displays to enter DPMS mode even when DPMS is disabled in the X server settings.

  • Updated nvidia-settings to allow continued interaction with other pages and help content while editing application profiles.

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