Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 510.47.03 [production branch release]

Release highlights since 510.39.01:

  • Added support for Vulkan 1.3.
  • Added a new daemon, nvidia-powerd, to provide support for the Dynamic Boost feature on supported systems. Dynamic Boost balances power between the CPU and the GPU for improved performance. For more details, see the “Dynamic Boost on Linux” chapter in the README.
  • Updated to search the systemd journal for nvidia-powerd logs.
  • Added a new module parameter, “peerdirect_support”, to the nvidia-peermem.ko kernel module, to correctly support GPUDirect RDMA on MOFED 5.0 and older releases.
  • Added an application profile to avoid an image corruption issue in Blender, as described at ⚓ T76874 Enabling "Steroscopy" in the viewport camera causes graphical glitches with anti-aliasing enabled.
  • Fixed a driver installation failure on Linux kernel 5.17 release candidates, where the NVIDIA kernel module failed to build with error “implicit declaration of function ‘PDE’”.

[README | Linux x86_64 | Solaris | FreeBSD x86_64]

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