list of options for nvresize

Where do I find the list of available options for using nvresize with ffmpeg. (as well as detailed descriptions of each)

Is it possible to pass in custom sizes? For example, we generally need to downrez to 320x180 for any 16:9 ratio footage.

The pdf FFMPEG WITH NVIDIA ACCELERATION ON UBUNTU LINUX doesn’t seem to contain all this information directly. (a few of the example reference certain options but I’m not sure if it’s a complete set.) On the next iteration of that PDF, I’d recommend an appendix of all nvenc_h264 and nvresize resize options.

Is FFMPEG WITH NVIDIA ACCELERATION based on CUDA? If not, posting here is probably not the best way of trying to get in touch with the author(s) of the document in question.

The “GPU-accelerated libraries” forum may be a slightly better venue, assuming we are talking about a library here (which is not clear to me, as FFmpeg seem to be an open source tool), although that is mostly dedicated to CUDA-accelerated libraries as well, and I am not sure the NVENC developers are monitoring that forum.

Yes, perhaps in the wrong area (I’ll put it in the CUDA libraries folder instead.)

And ‘Yes’, NVIDIA makes an accelerated codec for FFMPEG. Putting links for anybody who finds this via search in the future.)

I am aware that NVIDIA has an SDK for NVENC. For some reason, queries regarding NVENC regularly wind up in CUDA forums, although to my knowledge there is no connection between the two, with NVENC being a separate hardware module found in Kepler and Maxwell architecture chips.

The vast majority of people who work with CUDA have no insights into NVENC. I wish NVIDIA would provide a separate dedicated sub-forum for NVENC and have the NVENC developers monitor that. The current situation with NVENC questions posted to CUDA forums is not likely to be helpful to people working with either technology.