Question about NVEncoder and its provided example at the CUDA SDK 5


  I'm trying to figure out what are really the expected results in the encoding CUDA example provided with the SDK. 

I’m running the example with the Visual Studio 2010. It takes as input the provided YUV

video: plush_480p_60fr.yuv its size is 29700KB

If I open that video with the VLC player, I see 32 sec of green and red lines of video.

Once I ran the project, I was expecting a .h264 32 sec video with the same green and red lines and encoded as H264. But, what I get is a 920KB file named plush_480p_60fr.264. If I open it with the VLC Player It lasts 0 seconds and I can’t see anything.

Are those results correct? I’m not an expert in video processing so may be try to open this file with the VLC Player as I’m doing it makes no sense…

Any clue?

I’m testing on:
Windows 7 64 bits
Visual Studio 2010 Professional and default compilation win32
CUDA SDK 5 - Just Downloaded today-

         NVIDIA Quadro 600 

Thank you


ok, it seems that if I open it with the ffmpeg player ffplay it works.
But, here it is another question is realated to the configuration files coming with the example

4 //NVVE_CODEC_TYPE (4=H.264, 5=VC1)
800 //NVVE_OUT_SIZE width
600 //NVVE_OUT_SIZE height
176 //NVVE_IN_SIZE width
144 //NVVE_IN_SIZE height
0 //NVVE_ASPECT_RATIO (0: 4.0f/3.0f 1:16.0f/9.0f 2:1.0f)

if I put the out size, bigger than the inSize the system crashes. It is really possible to rescale the video to a different resolution either bigger or smaller?