Looking CUDA drivers for GTX 960M to fold proteins for the Folding@Home project

Hello everyone, I’m looking for some nVidia drivers for my GeForce GTX 960M, because apparently downloading the drivers from the nVidia website doesn’t give me the right one. The current driver version installed in my laptop is 352.63, and I’m pretty sure they are the latest, and I’ve also downloaded and installed the CUDA Toolkit, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’m helping the Folding@Hme project, a project where they send some ‘working units’ your computer needs to fold with the help of the CPU (currently working) and the GPU (currently not working, it doesn’t detect the ‘CUDA’ part of the card). So I thought there were different or additional drivers to install, but I still don’t know where to find them, or how to install them.

My machine runs Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 64-bit ‘Rosa’, GPU is nVidia GeForce GTX 960M, drivers are 352.63 latest version downloaded from the nVidia website. If any other information is needed please ask, I don’t know what else to say or do.

Thanks in advance!

Once I tried to run F@H on my windows setup, I don’t know but their jobs just eats my CPU (do not remember anything about GPU usage but I also chose GPU usage project so I think the same happens with my GPU) and it eats a lot of resources from your PC. I have Q9300 OCed to 3.0GHz it’s quad core Intel processor not new but the processor not needed by almost all recently released games instead of 1-3 titles I think. So the CPU/GPU of stationary computer is eaten by the project (I think I setup NVIDIA project so the GPU was used too) is pretty much heavy even for stationary rig. If you do want running such things on daily basis I do not recommend to run it on notebooks, also do not run synthetic test on notebooks cause it just burn your notebook and thats it.

Beware! F@H and World of Warships with couple of NVIDIA windows binary driver just almost killed my video card to unrecoverable state! I have ENGTX580 DCII 1536Mb and then I just forced to downgrade my VBIOS to a previous version so I can fix weird artifacts all over my desktop. Now I am forced to use Ubuntu with 352.16 WHQL LTS blob branch cause windows nvidia driver just CTD’s all the time that I downgraded VBIOS. I even cook my card in oven 270C degrees ;D to try to fix ball grid array’s junction.

Heavy synthetic tests facilities, F@H and prime just designed for over clockers and believe me these people are do not care about hardware damages since they buy every half year new video cards and such things. OC and heavy jobs are not for modern plastic shit notebooks and their cut downed CPU/GPU’s which is also very often shipped to you with manufacturing process defects. (or designed to fail until warranty is passed).

If they are need any help I think they find it, people often spare their CPU’s/GPU’s time from PC distributed on their work networks as they free to spare some cycles at night time for example. Do not think you can run your games, music and software while you running F@H or similar jobs from any F@H like project.

I am not trying to pursue you to avoid to help them anyway, but you just free to burn your notebook to hell :D F@H is not for notebook PC’s even not for running like job in background on most modern PC’s. It rather tool that can be installed on some none critical servers which has have free CPU time cycles that you want to share with the some project. If you have no home server so F@H is not for you and your notebook PC does not provide a lot of power to them rather you want to burn your notebook thermal grease and plastic case. Cause notebooks does not designed by hardware manufacturers and vendors to run in high stress for long period of time and thats why most of them has special modifications of chips and energy saving features slowing down your voltages and clocks to do not burn whole thing.

I am strongly recommend you to forget F@H until you understand and decide why you need to help them. I just tried once and figure out that even my stationary PC does not help them much compared if someone run their client for example not on just quad core but on Xeon or Opteron and such server CPU’s.

So you just have to use your notebook for what you believe you purchase it ^_^ nothing more. I mostly use stationary PC cause of performance and gaming ;D and my father just smashed long time ago my Acer Aspire 8735G :D I think someone want to just burn your notebook by your hands by advertising you to run F@H on notebook ;D Advice them to run F@H on their tablets :D or mobile phones on Android…