Looking for 'argus_camera' source code


Previously I was working on a board and had a binary compiled program called ‘argus_camera’. We were running IMX538 camera over GMSL → MIPI and were able to connect using this program.

However, when I would try and connect with the ‘nvarguscamerasrc’ gstreamer element with an identical configuration, it was unable to find the camera on the interface.

However, when IMX538 is connected directly via MIPI, the ‘nvarguscamerasrc’ gstreamer element is able to find the camera and works as expected.

I was hoping to compare the source of these two programs to see why nvarguscamerasrc cannot find the camera but ‘argus_camera’ can. I found the source of nvarguscamerasrc in the ‘public_sources.tbz2’ file, but was unable to find the corresponding source for ‘argus_camera’.

I do not know where to find the ‘argus_camera’ binary source code. I have found a github repository but it appears quite old and looks more like a python library than source to build into a binary.

The README.txt for the argus_camera program stated the source had been acquired from nvidia at some point.

Is there any ‘argus_camera’ example code or program NVIDIA

please download the MMAPI package, $ sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api
you’ll see sources available under… /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/argus

Thanks will try this out and see if I can find the sources there.

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