Looking for NVIDIA DGX A100 System Firmware Update utility

Trying to find the NVIDIA DGX A100 System Firmware Update utility. Docs specify a tarball nvfw-dgxa100_22.12.1_221208.tar.gz but I can’t seem to find it on the NVIDIA site.


Hi @tniro ,

The DGX A100 firmware is on the NVIDIA Enterprise Support site. Refer to Find the latest firmware for your DGX for where specifically to find that.



Actually, I just want to check and perhaps update the firmware of our A100’s that are installed in a Dell Server (AMD). Does one need an Enterprise Account to access the software to do this?

Ah, excellent clarification.

We have the “A100 GPU” that can be used in CSPs, Dell servers, NVIDIA-branded DGX servers, etc. The DGX server that includes it is the “DGX A100”.

What you should figure out is if this is a “DGX A100” or another server that happens to have an A100 GPU in it. You can check the output of something like cat /etc/dgx-release on the system…if that exists, it’s probably a DGX A100 system. Or, running sudo ipmitool fru should list the system type, serial, etc.

If it is an NVIDIA DGX A100, then you get the firmware from the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal (as described earlier). If it’s not an NVIDIA DGX A100, you’d get updated firmware from Dell (whomever your support contact is there).


We are not running DGX, so if I understand you correctly we need to we need to contact Dell in order to update our A100s? Doesn’t Nvidia provide the tools to query and update the cards?


Since it’s not a DGX, all of your support (new firmware, tools, etc.) would be through Dell.

okay, thanks