Lost my old username

I haven’t logged in to this forum in a few years and when I did it acted like I was a new account and assigned me a new username similar to my old one but with a number at the end which I changed to more resemble the old.

My old username literally has the same account age as my main Nvidia account and is probably associated with one of the email addresses I’ve used. If there is an admin who can help me with this I would appreciate it. It seems like there’s a weird seperation between my main nvidia account and this forum account as my nvidia account was created in August 2019 like my old developers forum username but now my current developer forum account under that nvidia login says it was made yesterday.

I don’t know why this is happening.

Hi @Shimazu_X,

Welcome back to the forums. The platform was replaced back in March of 2020, and all accounts were migrated over. Also the login process has changed, and this could impact old accounts. Since this is the first time you have visited the new platform, your account shows that you just joined. You can go to you profile page (click the avatar on the upper left to find the option) to update your user name if needed.

Please see this KB to learn about the new platform. Let me know if you have any questions. Getting to Know the New NVIDIA Developer Forums


Hi Tom, I did that but the issue is my original name is already taken by me back in 2019 and I would like to reclaim it. Shimazu_X is the username I originally had, same as my nvidia account I have on the main nvidia stuff like geforce experience/nvidia forums etc. I can provide you the info/credentials for that name in private message if need be to free it up so I can actually use it.

Geforce experience is a totally different system. Sorry, I cannot help you reclaim a user name that is already taken.

But it was taken by me, I just can no longer get into it because of whatever changes were done/migration etc. So I guess its just dead and unusable now?

PM me the old user name, and I will see if can locate it.

The accounts have been merged.


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