Low confidence scores of cat and dog in jetson-inference classification

I am attempting to follow this to do transfer learning on cat and dog samples:

In the section “Processing Images with TensorRT” I am finding that I get much lower confidence levels on the single test images of a puma (?) and a dog on the beach. I get 50% confidence for the puma and 70% for the dog, yet I am running exactly the commands as specified in the tutorial.

cat dog

Additionally, in the section “Processing all the Test Images” I get many images of cats classified as dogs to quite high confidence levels (and vice versa for dogs). About 25% of images are misclassified. :-(


What am I doing wrong?

I am concerned because if I am doing something wrong now, I will be doing something wrong later when I use my own training data. Thanks.

Hi @jetsonnvidia, do you know what accuracy your model trained to in PyTorch? How many epochs did you train it for?

You can try this cat/dog model that I previously trained for 100 epochs, and see if you get a different result:


You will want to extract my model into a different folder than your own model resides in.

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Hi, mine is running for the default of 35 epochs. I will try a larger number tomorrow. Thanks.

I ran for 100 epochs overnight.

For the first 2 images, I got much better scores. :-)

Unfortunately, the algorithm really struggles with black-faced cats. Such is life.