Ls /dev/video* : no such file or directory

I am trying to integrate ov5693 camera sensor on jetson orin but the video node is not being detected. For now it is only one video node - video0
I have followed the sensor software development documentation for device tree and driver modules.
the video0 does not detect, please advice on this.

hello sanya.rahman,

may I double confirm which Jetson platform you’re working?
would you like to work with the camera board, e3326?

for AGX Orin, there’s hardware issue, you cannot connect e3326 to AGX Orin DevKit directly. the carrier board layout is different, you’ll see it’s block by hardware power button.
for Orin NX, the camera connector is totally different.

Jetson Orin NX
Trying to integrate ov5693 with cam board e3326.
May I know the camera connector for Orin NX?

please refer to Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification.

Okay thank you. This is an ov5693 camera with only one lane accessible. @JerryChang

Also during dmesg for ov5693 the errors encountered are:

$ sudo dmesg | grep ov5693

[ 13.287086] ov5693 2-0036: probing v4l2 sensor.
[ 13.287406] ov5693 2-0036: tegracam sensor driver:ov5693_v2.0.6
[ 13.293779] ov5693 2-0036: Error -121 reading eeprom
[ 13.302119] ov5693 2-0036: board setup failed
[ 13.306857] ov5693: probe of 2-0036 failed with error -121

hello sanya.rahman,

could you please share more details, why don’t you contact with sensor vendor to enable this camera on Orin NX.

@JerryChang I am a beginner and I am trying to integrate ov5693 sensor on jetson orin nx, but the dev/video node is not showing up (this is the main output we expect). So the camera is being accessed by lane 0 and h/w configuration is one data lane, one clock for the camera. i.e., number of lanes is 1. The device tree and drivers are updated accordingly. version is JP5.1
I have followed the documentation for sensor development for the above.
What must be causing the video node to not show up?

Thank you.

@JerryChang The camera is already connected.

hello sanya.rahman,

honestly… this is not plug-n-play.
according to the logs, you’ve camera board setup failed, it may caused by incorrect regulator settings, port bindings, pixel clocks…etc

please refer to Debugging Tips for troubleshooting.

The ov5693 camera was previously integrated and functional on,

  1. TX2 – Jetpack 3.1 and 4.5 – custom board
  2. Xavier NX – Jetpack 4.6 – custom board

Right now we are trying to integrate the camera on OrinNX – Jetpack 5.1 – XavierNX Devkit.

We successfully flashed the OS on a USB Drive and booted from it (we also flashed the QSPI) -OrinNX SoC on XavierNX Devkit. We followed the same device tree configuration for our camera as the ov5693.c driver, which we modified accordingly. However, we encountered the errors that we have mentioned above. We have attached the relevant device tree nodes as a file to this post.

I have a few questions as well,

  • Does the ov5693 camera use the same ports as the imx-native cam, since we connected it on csi lane0, or does it have a different connector on the hardware side?

  • Based on the previous question, is the orin nx devkit necessary or can you specify the required hardware configuration?

Thanks! @JerryChang
snippets.odt (27.3 KB)

the default e3326 is using serial-c.
anyways, you may refer to this camera device tree,tegra234-p3737-0000-camera-e3333-a00.dtsi
this is e3333, which has six ov5693 camera sensors mounted. we’ve enable this on AGX Orin.

Is this applicable for Orin NX? @JerryChang

hello sanya.rahman,

we had enable e3333 to works on AGX Orin.
as mentioned in previous comment #3, the camera connector is totally different.
you may taking that as reference and port the driver to Orin NX for your use-case.

Hi @JerryChang

Thank you for your time and the information you have shared. The e3326 node is working now after making some driver changes which we initially overlooked. The board is set up, but the video is not streaming. However, I have created a new topic for this on the forum. Below is the link of the new topic:

Thank you.

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