Lula Kinematics Velocity Control


I’ve been experimenting with the Lula Trajectory Generator, and I couldn’t find any option to specify the target velocity for the movement. Based on the information provided in this post (How to control the movement and speed of Franka's end effector), it appears that there currently isn’t a way to control the movement speed for a trajectory.

I’m curious to know if this feature is planned for development and if it will be added to the roadmap. Being able to control the movement speed for a trajectory is considered an important and very basic feature in classical robotics, and its inclusion in the Lula Trajectory Generator would be quite beneficial.

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Hi @axel.goedrich,

Currently the Lula Trajectory Generator only supports generating a time-optimal trajectory based on the limits for joint velocity, acceleration and jerk. Internally, the trajectory for each joint is a piecewise cubic spline, with each segment saturating the limits for one of the aforementioned derivatives (velocity limits for each joint are required in the URDF and the acceleration/jerk limits are optional in the Robot Description YAML).

Extending the Lula Trajectory Generator to support desired task space velocity is an oft-requested feature that we would like to add, but there is not a definitive planned release for this feature yet.

Hi @bpeele,

thank you for the clarification.

I’m glad to know that you have plans to add this feature, even if it might take some time.

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