Machinima and audio2face download difficulty

Due to my geography, it’s super difficult to get these aforemention apps downloaded.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried without success to get these apps. Sometimes the download just starts over after midway poit.
I was wondering where are the omniverse part downloads stored and how can I ensure these apps download…

Hello @zavorfang! We currently use Amazon Cloud Servers to store our application downloads. Right now, the Omniverse Launcher is the only place where you can download them.

If you are looking for where the applications are installed on your computer you can find out by opening the Omniverse Launcher > Library Tab > Click the Hamburger icon > Settings


Then you can see the path to where the application is downloaded.

You can change this by clicking on your User Icon in the top right cover > Settings

Thanks for the response. So I’m out of luck with my poor internet connection in Nigeria because omniverse launcher’s download manager isn’t very intuitive. Any slight hiccup from my internet, it freezes. When I pause and restart nothing happens and if I restart the launcher, the download may resume from an earlier state or from the beginning.
Mega is a good example of resumable downloads…
A good idea could be to make the installation files available for download through native download managers, once the zip is downloaded, there should be an option in omniverse launcher to install through zip file.