make opencv 3.4.2 and 3.4.6 failed on TX2

Hi all,

I’m currently using JetPack4.2, the preinstalled opencv does not include some extra libs that I want (i.e. libv4l). So I want to build opencv from source.

The tutorial I followed is

The first problem I met is installing libjasper-dev and libpng12-dev. But since they seems to be extra packages, so I ignored them and moved on.

Then everything works fine until I make the opencv. When the progress reached 45%, The following error occurred:

Does it mean build opencv3.4 from source on jetpack 4.2 is not possible for now, or it is possible but my installation process is not correct?


Hi wenbin.xu35,

Please refer to below link to see if can resolve the problem:

Hi kayccc,

I have run the sha1sum check and it says the does not pass the check, how to fix this issue before moving on?

I ignored the checksum error and didn’t create a link for (since the link creation failed, there is already a link to tegra/libGL.s0, but under tegra directory, there is no file). After that, I modify the script given in the link to install opencv3.4.6 (also with some modification of the install parameters, add openGL support etc.) and the installation finished successfully. Now I can import cv2 in my code, but when testing the libv4l, it seems libv4l is not included in the installed opencv, since the camera video input fps is low at high resolution and cannot access onboard camera.