Manually start/stop scripts from jetson nano without internet

I have a jetson nano that is constantly on the move, and because I don’t want to constantly connect it to the internet I was wondering: “how can I manually start/stop a script without internet and without plugging in a keyboard/mouse?”

(jetson is connected to monitor (hdmi), the scripts all create a display to show the object detection).

I tried using a serial terminal and then running the scripts from there, but the problem is that the display texture is never shown on the jetson’s desktop. I just have the pure terminal results.

This might or might not help, but if you are actually logged in to the GUI, then you have an environment variable, “DISPLAY”. This is a pointer to the GUI function. If you are logged in, then check what it is via “echo $DISPLAY”.

If you are in a regular text terminal (no GUI), then you cannot use anything but console commands. However, if your terminal is logged into via the same user who is running the GUI, and if you set the environment variable “DISPLAY” to the GUI’s “$DISPLAY”, you can then bring up GUI applications.

Let’s say your DISPLAY is “:0” (e.g., “echo $DISPLAY” replies “:0”). Now you are in serial console, and you install that environment variable:
export DISPLAY=":0"

Any command from that serial console which brings up a GUI program will now display in that GUI session. Just as an example, gedit is a GUI editor you might have. You could do this and start gedit in the GUI:
gedit &
(I used the “&” to put gedit in the background and avoid not being able to send more commands)

Do you have a GUI-based program which would display what you want? If so, then try that.

One problem of course is that the serial console itself is not available for keyboard input to a program running in the GUI. If you require interaction, then you might need a workaround, but you have not given any specific use-case. Perhaps that program accepts a network login, and despite no network, your serial console does have loopback networking (address, or an ability to start a network listening program on some port at, and your serial console could use ssh to that port at

Is your program interactive? If not, then you’re probably already there.

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