i have a jetson nano 4gb, a 5inch HDMI LCD (B)
so i want this screen only show specific app
when i run a python scrip in code-oss, it is show up a window, can i set this screen to only display this window ?
thank you

That’s actually a bigger question than it sounds like since it depends on what you are looking for. Do you mean a kiosk type display where you cannot exit out of this and only this runs? Or are you talking about full screen covering everything, and it is possible to do things like tab out to another GUI application?

If you just want full screen, then it would be up to the program you are running. It should have options or arguments available which can tell it to start full-screen.

If you want to run exactly that program and no other, then the explanation gets a lot longer. The gist of this is that as Linux boots it starts around six console logins, the “getty” or “agetty” program. As it goes to graphical mode one of those is replaced by a login manager (the default display will run this). As someone logs in at the login manager (which is a single application in the spirit of a kiosk), the login manager overwrites itself with a desktop manager. Both login and desktop managers are programs run in the X11 environment. You could in fact go to a text-mode terminal (as long as it is local, but not serial console or ssh) and run the X program (wrapper startx helps a lot with options) naming a desktop manager (which is what the startx wrapper does…send options, including what application to run…the window manager) and skip the login manager. The result is logging in automatically as the user which started via direct run of either X or startx.

You can also start X while naming your GUI program instead of a desktop manager, and that GUI program will be the only thing which runs (and it will run as the user which started it). If you go to a purely text-mode console and run startx you’ll see how it works (starx is a human-readable bash script).

systemd could have modifications which runs your program instead of the regular GUI (or it could run both in different cases, using different key bindings to go between the two).

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