Jetson nano kiosk mode


We have a Jetson nano using a custom board.
We have two applications, one GUI application and the other is a web application. During boot, the webapp and the GUI app starts using the .bash_profile.

After about 10 minutes, the GUI application gives a black screen, and only recovers when we press a key.
I’m thinking it is the power saving options, bu i’m not experienced enough with Ubuntu to disable this.
I’m connecting using SSH, we cannot use a mouse or keyboard using our board.

The Goals:
Run both applications in something like a Kiosk mode.

Thanks in advance.

Please execute sudo jetson_clocks and try again. It maximizes most hardware engines at max clocks. You can execute sudo tegrastats to get system status.

About tegrastats Utility:

Btw, power savings and other modes for the GUI can be configured. I don’t know off hand which setting it is, but the GUI settings have power options for blanking.