How to boot Jetson Nano in text mode?

Without serial console.

I’ve try insert text in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

any ideas ?

thank you

To disable GUI on boot, run:

sudo systemctl set-default

To enable GUI again issue the command:

sudo systemctl set-default

to start Gui session on a system without a current GUI just execute:

sudo systemctl start gdm3.service

The same instructions that work for any Ubuntu 18.04 system

thanks Caleb !!

Now there are more RAM available:

boot from text mode

$ free -m
Mem total 3956 used 319

Start X system from text mode:

$ sudo systemctl start gdm3.service

$ free -m

Mem total 3956 used 838

(with xfce instead of gnome desktop environment)

Hey Caleb,

I want to start the jetson nano in console mode (no serial) but with autologin enabled, what file do I need to write to, to enable it? and what text is inserted? thanks…


There is no “autologin” without a session manager, and the session manager is a graphical system.

What do you really want to do? Start some software on boot?
The best way to do this is to create a “unit” file for your software in /etc/systemd/system/yourname.service
The documentation for these unit files can be found here:

Typically, if you don’t want the GUI, you’ll set-default, and then your service should require/start-after Then you enable it with “systemctl enable yourname.service” and it will start on boot.

snarky, that’s what I want to! start some software on boot. I’m going to do that, Thanks a lot…

An important note, my Jetson nano would only display the console in text mode on HDMI. Scared me for a sec because DP was only a black screen.