Boot Xavier in text mode

I try to boot my Xavier in text mode. I tryed some solution :

To disable GUI on boot, run:

sudo systemctl set-default

To enable GUI again issue the command:

sudo systemctl set-default

To start Gnome session on a system without a current GUI just execute:

sudo systemctl start gdm3.service

But this solution crash my jetson and I have to install agin my system.

I have the jetpack 4.2.2, have you others way ?

I think you could use “sudo service gdm3 start”

No, nothing happend, when I try Ctrl+Alt+F4, I have a black screen, I can return in GUI mode with Ctrl+Alt+F1.

Could you share the exact steps to reproduce your issue?

I tried

sudo systemctl set-default

sudo reboot

(boot into text mode)

sudo service gdm3 start

(desktop shell mounted at tty1)

ctrl+alt +f2

(enter tty2 console)

ctrl+alt+ f1

(back to desktop shell again)

If i do :

sudo systemctl set-default

my jetson boot with a black screen, so I have to install again my Xavier.

With the command :

sudo service gdm3 start


I have a black screen yet, but i can return in the desktop with ctrl+alt+f1


I still cannot reproduce your issue. Are you using pure release from sdkmanager/jetpack?

Are you able to enter text mode with ctrl+alt+f2 and no other configuration (no “sudo systemctl set-default”)?

Yes but I use the board carrier rogue, so I download with the jetpack, then I use the cti-flash proposed by connect techn.

No I can t, I have a black window, I can just return in Gui mode with ctrl+alt+f1

Sorry that I am not sure if Connect tech changed anything on their board. Could you reach their contact window?

Is there any error message coming out from uart when you changed the tty console?

I m contacting them but they don t find a answer of my problem.
No error message, only a black window and nothing.