Matlab Version 7.5.0(R2007b) Compatiblility with CUDA Facing problem with nvmex

I am trying to make M files from CUDA files.Following tools I am using for this purpose:-
1.Matlab version 7.5.0(R2007b)
2.Window Service Pack 3
3.CUDA Toolkit 2.3
4.CUDA Sdk 2.3
5.Matlab_CUDA plugins 1.1
6.Visual Stdio2008 or Visual Stdio2005(Now I am using 2008 on Matlab)
I have followiing Queries about above tools:
1. Is above version is compatible ?
2. which compiler is compatible with this Matlab version (2008 or 2005)?
3. Is Matlab_CUDA plug ins are compatible for this Matlab verson ?
4. Is Cudatoolkit is suitable for Matlab?
Thanks in Advance