Need help with CUDA-MATLAB plug-in


I need help with using the CUDA MATLAB plugin. Basically I want to “nvmex” compile my .cu code using Matlab but I am having a tough time doing that. My system specs are:

OS: 32-bits Windows XP Professional
Matlab: ver. 7.2 (i.e. R2006a)
Visual Studio: ver. 8.0 (i.e. 2005)
CUDA: 2.0
GPU: 9800GTX+ (compute capability 1.2)

I downloaded the plug-in from the link

I think the current version there in is meant for CUDA 1.1. Also, it is tested for Matlab 7.3.0 (R2006b). When I try to compile and test the CUFFT interface, I get the following error: -IC:\CUDA\include: unknown option .

Can someone tell me what should I do to be able to use the suitable matlab plug-in?

Also, I wanted to verify the locations of the following files: & nvmexopts.bat? What are the other “nvmex” files required? Isn’t it C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\bin? Are the CUFFT files also to be placed in the same location?

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Sorry I can not help you on your matlab problem, I have no trouble using matlab with all version of CUDA under linux. There have been a lot of threads about this before so a search (possibly via google, that seems to work better for me than the forum search) might help.

Now for my question. Are you sure that your card has compute capability 1.2? It would be the first hardware I know of that is compute 1.2

it’s compute 1.1.

I am sorry, it was a typo…it is 1.1.

However I installed Matlab R2008a and downloaded the .pl and opt.bat file from one of the forums. It works and I could successfully “nvmex” but so far couldn’t compile my code. Still working on it but I hope I can resolve all the issues myself.

Thanks for the replies!!