Maxim 96712 i2c access through i2c-tools

Hello nvidia experts:
I am developing camera drivers for drive agx orin platform(driveOS linux 6.0.x.x) , for ISP tuning or conveniences I’d like to access sensor registers through Linux i2c-tools. The problem is only after I run nvsipl_camera sample to bringup drivers( CDI-Max96712) that the i2ctools can communicate with max96712. Otherwise I will get error below:
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo i2cset -y -f 0 0x29 0x00 0x0d i
Error: Write failed

I understand that one should configure 96712 GMSL links with serializer in order to establish communication with sensor, but first I need i2c access to max96712 register.

my question is what has driver( done to establish i2c communication with max96712?

Dear @jing.ran,
May I know the platform? Is it DRIVE AGX Orin Devkit or p3663?

The platform I am working on is based p3663.

Both P3663 and ISP tuning aren’t supported via the forum.
Please contact your nvidia representative for the support channel.

Hello Vick:
My customer has drive agx orin demo board, the camera driver I developing will tested by them.So in drive agx platform, what is the key step to make it possible to access max96712 deserializer registers through I2C before sipl driver brought up?