Maximum camera resolution

what is the AGX Orin supporting maximum camera resolution??
I want to clarify maximum resolution and maximum bandwidth in case of using ISP and not using ISP.

For Orin max ISP clock is limited to 1011.2 Mhz (for max voltage) (2 pixel/clk throughput) with 15% overhead the ISP throughput will be close to 1719.04Mhz.

And below could be the consider for the CSI bandwidth.

CPHY 164 Gbps
(4.5 Gsps/trio * 2.28 bits/symbol * 4 trio/brick * 4 Bricks)
DPHY 40 Gbps
(2.5 Gbps/lane * 4 lanes/brick *
4 Bricks)

Thanks for your reply.
But I want to know maximum resolution as well.
Can it support 200Mp(16000x12000) ???

Current only verify 12000x9000@10fps

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