Does AGX Orin support 2x1c4d (D-PHY)or 2x3 Trio (C-PHY)?

hello ,as far as the title goes ,I wonder if you could tell me that does AGX Orin support 2x1c4d (D-PHY)or 2x3 Trio (C-PHY)? The resolution of the sensor we need to light is very large, and 1c4d(or 1x3 trio) cannot meet our transmission needs.

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may I know what’s the resolution/frame-rate/bits-per-pixel.
could you please evaluate the output data-rate in Gbps (Giga Bits Per Sec).
here’s formula to calculate the data-rate. taking an example with resolution 12000x9000, 10-bit, 10-fps.
CSI data rate = 12000 * 9000 * 10 * 10 * 1.15 = 12,420,000,000 ~= 12.4 Gbps.

16384x10920x8fps x12bit x1.15 = 19.8G

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please see-also Jetson AGX Orin Series Design Guide.
In D-PHY mode, each data channel has peak bandwidth of up to 2.5 Gbps, it’s bandwidth is beyond quad lane supported.

How about C-PHY, are there some 4-trio driver & dts sample? All I found was a 3-triod driver & dts

hello 541449841,

please see-also design guide about CPHY.

For C-PHY, each lane (Trio) supports up to 4.5 Gsps.

you may also check below to calculate the CPHY maximum bandwidth for Orin series,
for example, Orin CPHY bandwidth limitation = 4.5 Gsps * 2.28 bits/symbol * 4-trio = 41.04 Gbps

okay,Thank you for your patience

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