Does Orin support CPHY 1x16 Trio?

Hi guys,
According to Design Guide

Does every trio can be use?
For example use (CPHY_50_A.CPHY_50_B.CPHY_50_C) and (CPHY_71_A.CPHY_71_B.CPHY_71_C) as 2 of 16


Are you using x2 or x1? The Table 10-3 and 10-4 in DG have listed clear supported combinations.

Hi Trumany,
The device is x1.
I referred to this document from Jetson_AGX_Orin_Design_Guide_DG-10653-001_v0.2.pdf.
Are we referencing the same document?

Please always refer to the latest doc in DLC.
Jetson AGX Orin Series Design Guide (including AGX Orin Industrial)

Hi Trumany,
Thanks for your information. Figure 10-2 says,

Other mappings are possible and may be required in some cases.

Can x1 trio be mapped like below in my case?

No, please follow DG.