Orin C-PHY Swizzle Mapping

Hi NV Support Team
We want to used ORIN & MAX96712 for C PHY design.
We follow up From DG-09364-001_v1.4.pdf. So we need update register for lane1 to 010=ABC to BCA

The swizzle registers should be set as follows for C PHY mapping.
• POLARITY_SWIZZLE_CPHY0_A (control for lane 0): 000 = ABC to ABC
• POLARITY_SWIZZLE_CPHY1_A (control for lane 1): 010 = ABC to BCA


Hi, what is your question here?

My query is that why in your guideline have below notes:
this method will not work if D-PHY cameras will be used on the other side of the GMSL link ?

Any update ?

The Figrue 3-4 for ORIN&MAX96712 connection support both C-PHY and D-PHY ?
CPHY: Polarity for lane1 change to 010.
DPHY: CLK_N<=>CLKCN / D1_P<=>DA1P / D1_N<=>DA1N.

Figure 3-4 is for C-PHY swizzle only. For D-PHY please refer to figure 3-3.

Some confuse for figure 3-3.
If we use DPHY the CSI_A_CLK_N connect to DA1_N. I dont think it is correct for DPHY use case. From MAX96712 datasheet if setting as DPHY, the DA1_N means Data 1_N not CLK_N.

Any update ? Trumany ~

Guide is correct. You can check with vendor for more.

Why you comment the guide is correct for D-PHY connection?
From MAX96712 datasheet the DA1N: D-PHY Port A data Lane1 inverted ouput.
But your guide connect to CSI_A_CLK_N. Can you please double check again.


Hi Trumany
I have double check your design guide.
Some conflict in document. e.g. the 3.3 show the mapping #2 in table 3-2 support both D-PHY and C-PHY.
The mapping same as figure 3-4
So from my understanding we can used figure 3-4 / mapping #2 to support both D-PHY and C-PHY.
Please help check with your RD, if the design guide wrong. Please also update design guide.


Thanks for the info. We will check this to see if any issue.

We will update Jetson AGX Orin Series Camera Module Hardware Design Guide:
Figure 3-3 note: only CPHY is supported.
Figure 3-4 note: both CPHY and DPHY could be supported.
Please double check the de-serializer spec to confirm the connection.

Thanks for your feedback

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