May I have 2 OTG USB port on AGX

I’m working with AGX on my carrier board. During first boot up, I need usb2-0 working on device mode to connect SDK manager; after initial configuration done by SDK manager, usb2-0 can be host mode and usb 2-1 should be device mode to communicate with another AGX via USB link. so my question is can I configure two USB port on AGX as OTG, even not both device mode simultaneously.

I’m not sure I completely understand the question, and this probably won’t answer everything, but could be useful…

  • For USB2 and older a port is either in device mode or in host mode. Modes cannot be mixed.
  • A device mode port can provide more than one device. For example, a device mode port can provide both mass storage and an ethernet router. This is similar to a HUB, but it provides devices.
  • A standard USB2 port cannot be used in device mode, it is “type-A”. For USB2 and earlier, the port must be a “type-B” to provide devices.
  • The “OTG” connector is capable of working with either a type-A host connector or a type-B device connector. There is an ID pin which detects which type of cable is connected, and tells the computer to switch to the appropriate mode (but not both modes simultaneously). This is a special connector.
  • If there is sufficient bandwidth on a single type-B port, then there is no reason to not plug this into a HUB. Whatever host uses that connector can pick which of the devices it is interested in.
  • I do not know if the Xavier has the ability to have two device mode (type-B) ports or not. Probably it does, but only if the wiring is correct for a type-B connector. Consider connecting the one type-B to a HUB.
  • USB3 type-C is an unusual case since it adds more wiring and might be able to handle both type-A and type-B at the same time, but this is just an illusion…extra wiring makes a type-C cable the same at both ends, but the reality is that various wiring will still be dedicated to type-A or type-B. Other than this “illusion” in USB3 type-C, there is no true “simultaneously type-A (host mode) and type-B (device mode)” possible.

Hi it helped a lot by clarifying the USB configuration, I will make the design accordingly, thanks a lot.

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