Maybe driver problem

I have a Nvidia 920m graphics card, the problem is when I download the driver from Nvidia’s website or device manager there is this 425.31 version of the driver. Now there are some problems, recently I am trying to play God of war 3 on rpcs3 it says that my driver is 425.31 only update to the latest driver. Due to which I think whenever I run my game there is a fatal error. There is another problem that is I cannot download GeForce experience and even if I download the old version it doesn’t sync with games. This may be stupid because I am talking about a very old GPU. I am running Windows 10 64-bit with i5 5200u, 4gb ram, 1Tb of storage, 1920x1080 resolution supporting screen. My laptop is Lenovo U41

Hello @h4r5hd33p69 , welcome to the developer forums of NVIDIA.

I would suggest that you check out our more end-user oriented GeForce forums to see if there are other users with similar problems.

However, looking at your spec, I am afraid that the driver version is actually the latest that is available for your GPU. The Kepler architecture has sadly been deprecated in latest driver version. So if any update in Windows or the games you play requires certain newer GPU features, this might not work anymore with legacy Hardware. I am sorry.