MCX623106AN-CDAT card and MCX623436AN-CDAB card i2c registers details


Is there a document which briefly describes the i2c register details for the above OCP and NIC cards? I am trying to understand what registers of the above OCP and NIC cards are related to sleep mode operations.


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Its a bit hard to understand the issue from the description you wrote.
What do you mean by sleep mode operations?
Can you please elaborate regarding what you are trying to accomplish and what is the expected result?


Is there a i2c register on nic,ocp dedicated to sleep mode. Also, do you know what are the different i2c registers for the molex optical transceiver? So the scenario is to put the nic/ocp to sleep/standby mode when the temperature is too high

Hi Hrishikesh,

We have a dedicated protection mechanism in the chip for high-temperature scenarios.
Regarding i2c registers, for more details, it should go thru regular support ticket with the relevant support team. If you have a support contract with Nvidia, you can open a ticket by sending an email to

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