Mellanox connect 4x only using one queue


I’m currently having a issue with my connect 4x card. It seems to only be using one queue, I tried to change the queue number with ethtool but it already is at 12

​ This is the model :

​ConnectX-4 EDR +100GbE

Part Number: MCX456A ECAT

​Do anyone have an idea on why is it only using one queue ? I can only reach something like 10gbps on my 100G link and only 1MPPS

Yours thankfully​


Please ensure that you have installed the latest firmware for the adapter, the latest MLNX_OFED driver compatible with the firmware.

The number of channels/queues available to configure will depend on the number of CPU cores in the system and the capabilities of the adapter itself.

When working with the ConnectX-4 adapters, there is also a specific syntax for enabling channels that will need to be used. For more information, please see “ethtool” section of the MLNX_OFED user manual, in particular:

ethtool -L eth [rx ] [tx ]

Sets the number of channels.


For ConnectX-4 cards, use ethtool -L eth combined to set both RX and TX channels.

ConnectX-4 Firmware Download:

ConnectX-4 Firmware v12.28.2006 Release Notes:

MLNX_OFED Download:

MLNX_OFED v5.4- User Manual:

For performance concerns, please review the performance tuning guide and our community article regarding the mlnx_tune tool.

Performange Tuning For Mellanox Adapters:

How to Tune Your Linux Server for Best Performance Using the mlnx_tune Tool:

If after reviewing the documentation above you still need assistance in debugging the issue, please open a support case on the matter. If you do not have a current support contract, please email the team at to set a valid support contract

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-Nvidia Network Support