Mellanox ConnectX-4 driver update on Synology


I have a Synology DS1821+ and I’m having a weird issue with my Mellanox ConnectX-4 card.
(I am temporarily using a 1gbit ISP modem, network overhaul is planned in the near future)

So, I’m using a SFP+ to RJ45 transceiver which does 1, 2.5, 5 and 10gbit on my NAS, and with that, I achieve the full 1gbit (WAN) connection and iperf3 also shows a 1gbit connection. But when I transfer a file over the SMB protocol to a desktop PC, i only get 30-35MB/s which i find very strange, and that is with the Mellanox card with SFP+ to RJ45 transceiver/module.

Now, with just a cat6a cable directly into a 1gbit port on the NAS mobo itself, the SMB transfer speed is completely normal at the full 1gbit, the same for all the services and WAN connection.

So I think there is something wrong with the transceiver or NIC.
Someone told me it’s okay that my ConnectX-4 card is using the mlx5_core drivers, eventhough I have a ConnectX-4 card, is this true?


I think my firmware version is up to date, but I think the driver that was already on my Synology DS1821+ mlx5_core is outdated, might this be the issue or is would it be the transceiver not working as intended?
I think the transceiver SFP+ 10gbit to RJ45 needs to ‘trick’ the NIC into believing it’s a 10gbit connection and it has to autoneg that at the RJ45 end?

Anyways, it’s probably wise to update the drivers but I don’t know which OS to select for my Synology DS1821+ all I know is this Linux-4.4.180+-x86_64-with

I also tried binding the NIC to mlx4_core but I didn’t succeed in that.
And it also does not want to run at 1000mbps with ethtool -s eth5 speed 1000
Not even with autoneg off.

I’ll wait patiently for your guys input.

Thank you for your time.

Hi jari_f1996,

mlx5 is the low-level driver implementation for the Connect-IB and ConnectX-4 and above adapters designed by NVIDIA. mlx4 VPI driver only works with ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-3. Both mlx4 and mlx5 are included in the MLNX OFED.

Please kindly found all the MLNX OFED drivers from the below link:

Please note that MLNX OFED can support most of the common OS distributions. All the major distributions, RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu and more, also come with Inbox driver for Nvidia adapters.


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