Memory alerts in ESXi 6.5 hosts running GRID VMs

Hello all,
We are running several POC using GRID, M6 and vSphere 6.5. Our partners have noted that memory alerts are triggered on the VMs as they are booted. To me this is expected behaviour due to the reservation requirement of GRID VMs however I don’t recall this behaviour in vSphere 6. My plan is to adjust the virtual memory alert for the pool but this masks the issue rather than resolve.

Does anybody have experience of this feature/bug and how have you addressed it?


Yes, I have noticed this as well. I upgraded my first host and see VM’s are alarming for no reason. I’ve just started to look into this and will let you know if I find something.

This is expected with ESXi 6.5. VMware are aware and looking into it.

Depending on your monitoring / alerting software (unless it’s just a visual check at vCenter) raise the memory utilization threshold until VMware issue a fix.


I’ve checked up with Nvidia and as BJones mentioned they are aware - the full response from the NV bug team is:

“We’ve been advised that NV cannot have a VIB configuration to hide the alerts - VMware would have to make changes in their stack. This is expected to be documented in the GRID 4.2 release”

4.2 release is due end of March - so watch this space.