Memory leaks in Optix 7/7.1

Hi all,
our Optix 7 program creates a lot of pipelines, one by one, for different program scenarios and every time the memory consumption on the GPU rises (as seen in nvidia-smi).

We have searched for memory leaks in our code and are now “pretty sure” everything we are allocating also gets freed.

So I just wanted to ask if there are known memory leaks in Optix 7? Just wanting to make sure where our bug is.


Hi @til,

There are currently no known memory leaks in OptiX. If you find one we can reproduce, we will be keen to resolve it.

There can be some device memory usage associated with each module. The code in the module is loaded on the GPU, as well as whatever global memory you have in the code. So it is expected that your device memory usage increases, and these allocations do happen at pipeline create (link) time. This is normal, unless you call both optixPipelineDestroy() and optixModuleDestroy() on your pipelines and modules and don’t see a corresponding decrease in device memory usage.


Thank you! We found our mistake: During refactoring one variable was doubled and we freed the wrong one.