Memory throughput definition

According to the following figure, the Memory throughput is 91% while the L1, L2 and DRAM throughputs are 91%, 10%, and 12%. So the question is what does “memory” mean here? Aggregation of all physical+logical memory units with respect to some weights?

Hi, @mahmood.nt

There is a "Memory Throughput[%] 91.31 " in the screenshot. You can hover over it and see tooltips about this metric.

You can see and the collect the breakdown of each throughput metric by collecting breakdown:<metric> , see 2. Kernel Profiling Guide — NsightCompute 12.4 documentation

For “Compute Throughput” and “Memory Throughput”, this is done by default, and you can select the “GPU Throughput Breakdown” body in the section’s top right drop down menu to view them.