Mesa overwritting nvidia symlinks

Good day,

while uninstalling the nvidia driver (for an update), I noticed, that mesa (using latest git from ppa) had overwritten symlinks created by the nvidia installer.
from the uninstall log:

The previously installed symlink ‘/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/’ has target ‘’, but it was installed with target ‘’. /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ will not be uninstalled.

That also happend with libEGL, or libGLESvX cannot remember which.
Not that I noticed problems, but could it potentially create some?
Do I actually need mesa when the nvidia driver is installed?
Should I just replace the links mesa creates with the ones pointing to the nvidia libs, if I update mesa again?

System: linux mint 19.3
Kernel: 5.6.14

Thanks for you help

Those are just the symlinks for indirect glx which is disabled by default anyway. Nothing that should concern you.
You should rather use the packaged driver from repo instead of the .run installer, though.