Installed Nvidia driver really need install Mesa drivers?

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When installing some softwares have mesa drivers in dependencies list.
Thus the user installing the software is also installed mesa drivers, but happen problems for example have softwares trying access to OpenGL and Vulkan using Mesa drivers thus having an high CPU usage and almost nothing GPU usage.
In others words in some installations mesa break the Nvidia OpenGL and Vulkan drivers.

Mesa drivers not use GPU acceleration ?
If installed current nvidia driver is possible avoid install mesa drivers ?
Really have software only using mesa drivers instead nvidia OpenGL and Vulkan drivers ?

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Unless you have a really old non-glvnd OS, this shouldn’t matter. Are you running the application locally or logged in from remote, e.g. over vnc?

In other words not need install mesa for nvidia current driver ?
Mesa is really only for “old” GPU cards ?

No. On current distros, mesa and the nvidia driver live side by side without interfering. So if you’re having issues, this doesn’t have to do with mesa.

If using one nvidia driver previous version and installed mesa current version perhaps the OS redirect vulkan to run in mesa because mesa vulkan version is more recent ?


If mesa-vulkan-drivers_21.2.6-0ubuntu0.1~20.04.2_amd64.deb is installed break Nvidia Vulkan and the some softwares will use Vulkan using the cpu.
The problem was fixed removing mesa-vulkan-drivers_21.2.6-0ubuntu0.1~20.04.2_amd64 and now softwares use Vulkan GPU acceleration.

Only sharing with you the issue above being the because I want understand if is really need have mesa installed.
In moment I see better not install mesa.