Libglvnd 32 bits is required in an OS 64 bits?

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I has installed the Nvidia binary driver and installed the components 64 bits below in Ubuntu 20.04 64 bits.
pkg-config, build-essential, libglvnd-dev and DKMS

I see an libglvnd-dev 32 bits version (libglvnd:i386).

libglvnd is an component used to select what Opengl library (Nvidia or Mesa) will be used for some softwares ?
In an OS 64 bits is required install libglvnd 32 bits ?
libglvnd 32 bits only is used for softwares 32 bits ?

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You likely have some other packages installed which require 32bit GL support, e.g. Steam.

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Thus being libglvnd 64 bits not does any work for softwares 32 bits ? If not now I undestand because problems using some softwares.
Trying use WINE Visual Pinball (32 bits) some times the graphics are using mesa cpu software rendering.
When happen that problem I reinstall the nvidia driver and fixes it.

Very much topics say installed nvidia drivers and mesa work without problems in same OS, but several times mesa does mess if using an Nvidia video card.
If Nvidia video card has own 3D acceleration driver (OpenGL and Vulkan) will be good avoid install mesa, but has software requiring install mesa even if not will be used.


glvnd should prevent that.

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