Installing nvidia driver need libglvnd-dev?

I not remember exactly what is the driver version , but installing nvidia driver previous version before 05-2021 in installation is displayed a option to choice install 4 libglvnd.
Since driver 465 not is displayed any option to install libglvnd.

Not has any information in readme about if is being installed libglvnd.
Installing nvidia driver need before install libglvnd-dev ?
I have tested installing libglvnd-dev and after start the nvidia driver install.

In the link below

Have a detail

" Support for non-GLVND OpenGL and EGL libraries on Linux
The release 430 series will be the last to support installing Linux OpenGL and EGL client libraries that do not use the GL Vendor Neutral Dispatch (GLVND) loader library."

The detail above is related with libglvnd ?

I only wait understand if is really required libglvnd to OS and softwares work without issues.

Have a nice day.

Hi augusto7743.

The NVIDIA driver depends on libglvnd for OpenGL-related functionality to work properly. It’s an OS-level dependency just like libvulkan or glibc; it should be installed through your distribution’s package manager before the NVIDIA driver is installed.

The functionality you’re referring to is optional support that we had in older drivers for the .run driver package itself to install its own copy of libglvnd. This was useful back when libglvnd was new and not included in many Linux distributions. Nowadays, it’s used everywhere and installing it from the distribution should not be a problem.

If the OS not was installed libglvnd before starting the .run package the own nvidia driver installer will install a libglvnd from inside .run package ?
If yes in installation is displayed a message about the run package installing libglvnd ?

If the run package has a libglvnd for me I see better to use the libglvnd from nvidia since that I use nvidia driver since a long time and is the same feature if comparing with distro driver.

Anyone replying from Nvidia is good to see :)
Thanks very much for your reply and have a nice day.