Missing symlink "nvidia-drm_gbm.so" in Fedora driver package. Necessary for Wayland


I’m using the official Nvidia Cuda Repostory for Fedora to install both, the cuda toolkit and the nvidia driver. It works fine but the driver packages are missing a symlink that should be there since v495 (see release notes, first highlight). The symlink should be /usr/lib64/gbm/nvidia-drm_gbm.so → /usr/lib64/libnvidia-allocator.so.VERSION.

Without this symlink Wayland session does not start at all.

I created the symlink manually, but it would be nice if it was already in the package, unless there is a reason why it is not the case. The hard part of fixing the issue was finding out that the symlink was missing at all.

You should report this to Fedora instead, as far as nvidia goes it already should create this symlink when using the .run.

The repo I linked is not a Fedora repo but the Cuda repo provided by Nvidia. You could have seen this, if you hovered your mouse over the link or even clicked it :). The repo provides cuda including the driver. The issue is that (in contrast to the .run file) the symlink is missing.

I don’t know how fedora should solve this problem, when the packages are provided by Nvidia.

Ah, apologies. When said official I thought meant in the sense of Fedora and not nvidia.

Sorry, if I read my sentence again, I absolutely know what you mean. I will edit it.

Thanks, tracking this RPM package issue on GitHub: https://github.com/NVIDIA/yum-packaging-nvidia-driver/issues/4

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