Metadata added to the ds-example plugin is not showing up in NvDsEventMsgMeta.

I am trying to access the NvDsEventMsgMeta in the ds example plugin. I need to add cropped image in the NvDsEventMsgMeta extMsg but i dont see any how it could be done. can it be done?

Suggest you refer to this first: sources/apps/sample_apps/deepstream-test4/deepstream_test4_app.c: generate_event_msg_meta
then customize yours accordinly.

I saw the example .

Actually i want to know if is there a way to access NvDsEventMsgMeta in dsexample cpp cause i cannot find it. the Sample bounding boxes that are attached to the NvDsFrameMetadata in dsexample is not reflected in the NvDsEventMsgMeta so that i can send it through message broker. What is the missing link?

That’s why i suggest you refer sources/apps/sample_apps/deepstream-test4/deepstream_test4_app.c: generate_event_msg_meta first to see how to use it, then you need to customize accordinly with dsexample.
and if you want to send messages, suggest use test4 and test5.