Methods for remote control of NVIDIA Shield Pro other than IR

I’m looking for alternative methods for controlling the NVIDIA Shield Pro other than IR. Ideally I would be able to control it via TCP/IP commands however I’m told that this option is no longer available.
My goal is to integrate the shield into a system for control through a separate application.
Communication methods to the Shield that are available are Wi-Fi, wired ethernet, and Bluetooth.

Does anyone have the Bluetooth ICD information for remote control?
Any other thoughts on methods?

Hi @bferguson1 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I asked internally and some suggestions would be:

  • Most BT remotes work with Shield, so the expectation is that many other BT input devices could be paired. I myself have paired BT keyboards in the past. I don#t think the BT ICD is necassary in that case.
  • If the Shield is in developer mode you can also connect to the console and send commands like adb shell input event <nnn> or similar
  • srccpy then allows remote access, much like VNC

Maybe this helps a bit.