Nvidia shield controller is not working wirelessly with Jetson TX2

I tried to connect nvidia shield controller(2015) via bluetooth with Jetson TX2 running Ubuntu 16.04(kernel 4.4.38-tegra) but its connecting and disconnecting continuously. The same controller is working flawlessly with my laptop running ubuntu 16.04(4.15.0-50-generic) both wired and wireless. And i cannot connect even my phone or bluetooth headphone with TX2 , the connection is unstable.Help me to connect the Nvidia shield controller with the TX2.

Please follow up the steps in L4T documentation -> Bluetooth Device Settings

I followed the L4T development guide.In the Bluetooth Device setting section there is only guide for Enabling Bluetooth audio. I tried to install the package “pulse-audio-module-bluetooth” ,but i got “unable to locate package” and my attempt is unsuccessful.There is no guide for connecting other bluetooth devices. I want to connect Nvidia shield controller with TX2. Help me out.

Hi gowtham.m,

We only test few Bluetooth device with TX2 to ensure the general BT headset and speaker working with TX2.
Different kind of BT devices will require different profiles, and seems the controller needs the HID profile which does not exist on current BSP, you may google it to see how to add relevant profiles on Ubuntu to get it working.