USB Driver for SHIELD?

I got a NVIDIA SHIELD and trying to deploy my application with TADP 2.0 but it can’t find SHIELD as a device due to missing driver.

Does anyone know where I can find a driver for SHIELD?

I couldn’t find any drivers for Windows either so I installed Ubuntu 13.04.

Android devices don’t require any drivers in Linux.

I installed TADP 2.0 for linux and it’s working flawlessly with SHIELD. Let me know if you get stuck setting it up. Happy coding!

We’re working on getting the Shield USB driver for Windows out ASAP.

The Shield USB driver for Windows will be bundled as part of the new TADP 2.0r5 release to be announced shortly (we’re days away!)

Please keep checking for the release of 2.0r5.

That’s great news! Looking forward to it…

It still doesn’t work (with drivers from NVPACK 2.0r5)
Well, not for my SHIELD anyway — android_winusb.inf doesn’t even contain entry for hardware (USB\VID_0955&PID_7102&REV_0232)

What’s even more interesting, I can’t find any ‘USB debug’ settings on device itself — the whole ‘Development Setting’ section missing from UI.

Kernel version is 3.4.10-g5dec698 which is not latest and updating may resolve some issues, I believe. But system update tells ‘your system is up to date’.

Have you tried the trick of going to “settings” then “about tablet” or “about phone” and tapping on the build number seven times?

Google’s been hiding developer mode from casual users, even on the Nexus models.

This is something they introduced in Jelly Bean AFAIK.

I just can use any of Android USB composite driver. From another android devices (such as Samsung and LG) and it worked nicely. I can adb and MTP my SHIELD.

to higeneko and all the others, i have GOOD NEWS!!! same as all of you guys i have the same problems. i have an old galaxy nexus and the shield tablet. “both unrooted” i don’t wanna root my phone fearing it would delete the cache data of the game. even the tablet coz i might end up destroying it or unable function. after 3 days of extensive reseach and tons of apps forums testing etc. i made it. so heres what i did.

i went to helium app. it requires pc and both the devices installed.
the android phone is easy coz it has the adb req in the helium website.
the tricky part is the tablet. as it detects on the pc but only as files.
i found this website where u can extract the adb for the shield tablet.

just follow the instructions and install the adb on your pc.

then. back up the games and data cache on ur android device using helium sync and back up.
in my case i used google drive. and using my google+ acct. then i sync and restore it in the tablet.

walla have fun playing all ur games on hd in your shield tablet.

IMPORTANT NOTE! to be able to sync in google drive or cloud u have to buy helium premium 5$
but note that only do this when u have successfully installed the ADB on ur pc 1st.

CHHERS guys have fun!

Hi WarDAddy!
Thanks for this information, it is really helpful, I really appreciate it…