MFP4R12CB-010 does not work

I have tried this cables with is5100 as loop, with connectX-3 VPI and connectX-2 VPI in different combinations, but link is not ready. In IS5100 i see status PortTrainingState and then again. What is wrong or this cable have limitations? Fw on adapters tried old and last ones.

P.S. Other cables work, and i tried several cables this p/n.​

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Based on the information provided, make sure you have a SubnetManager running in your fabric. The SM will provide the adapter with a valid LID and it will bring up the interface.

You can configure the SubnetManager on the switch or on a host (preferable Linux OS) with MLNX_OFED installed.

For configuring SM on the switch, please review the UM of the switch for configuring the SM on the switch.

For configuring SM on the host , please review the following section from the MLNX_OFED UM →

We also want to note that the IS5100 and ConnectX-2 are EOL/EOS for awhile now.

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You does not understand or may be I explained not properly, on ISO/OSI does not work first layer(phy) and SM works on higher level. Other cables works in this switch. So when i trying to connect this cable, port on web gui tells, that port trying to train(get VLs, speed and width), but phy layer is down. If problem was in SM status would be Initializing or similar.