Hello, we recently added 02 sw IS5022, and the mellanox world is new to the company’s IT, so we connect them and they call normally, but we put the gbic and we did not get any communication from it, as it was acquired by third parties, they do not know either system access.

I would like the community could help me in the switch access procedure and how to reset the switch to start settings from scratch.

Thanks to everyone who comes to read this post and especially to what comes to help and contribute to the community.

Hello Marcilio,

Many thanks for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Unfortunately, the IS5022 is EOL and EOS for awhile. This is an unmanaged InfiniBand switch. That means the switch does not have any OS installed and is being managed in-band on the IB fabric.

As you mentioned that you did not see any communication, do you have a SubnetManager running in your fabric. If not, please make sure on of the nodes in your fabric is running a SubnetManager as describes in the MLNX_OFED UM →

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~Mellanox Technical Support

Okay, thanks for the explanation, I’m a layman at this manufacturer.

So I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

I bought 2 switches of this model and 4 adapters to connect via sfp, when it turns on it loads normal, but does not rise led from the sfp port, tried putting in the adapted gbic 1g and 10g but does not raise the led informing close the link, it would be because of adapter or it only goes up with gbic qsfp +, can you tell me what would be the correct way to make emmso communicate with the server that has connectx card 3