Mini SAS port


Other than the use case of connecting two or more orins like RP and EP etc, can i use mini SAS port to connect to a storage device to dump data? I have a requirement of very high speed data push out of Orin.


If you have the adapter, and if there is a driver within the Linux kernel source, “probably”. If it is not in the source, and is in binary format, then it needs to be both 64-bit ARM (arm64/aarch64), and it needs to be compiled against the existing kernel configuration. There is a lot of support for many types of disk, so odds are high it will work.

On the other hand, I have doubts that a really high speed connection would get the throughput due to other reasons surrounding the CPU usage. SAS is basically the same as old SCSI, except for being serial and not parallel. Back when we had parallel IDE two drives could not write at the same time. SCSI allowed a drive to get a burst of traffic, and then disconnect from the bus so other devices could run; buffered bursts were much higher performance provided you were comparing two drives in simultaneous use and not just single drives. That case where SAS really shines is in RAID 0 or RAID 1,0.

On the other hand, individual solid state NVMe drives, especially ones designed for the PCIe bus, probably can outshine this in performance (and NVMe in RAID 0 or RAID 1,0 would be even better). This too might be bottlenecked by what the CPU can output.

My thought is that you can get some high burst speeds, but for sustained writing, you probably won’t get what you want all the time. More likely a high performance NVMe will work better and you won’t need SAS.

Incidentally, SATA itself now translates the commands to SCSI. At the controller end though I think a single SATA disk of a given performance won’t differ in performance relative to a single SAS disk of that specification.

I have no idea how well AGX Orin can handle a RAID 0 or RAID 1,0 for sustained throughput, but if any of the Jetsons can work well with that, it would be the AGX Orin.

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